What's New

Facebook Connect (July 2012)

MySAM customers can now use their Facebook log in data to access their existing MySAM account or create a new MySAM account. This makes logging in and the registration process even faster!

If you would like to see this in action, watch this VIDEO

New Simplified Horizontal Menu

We removed the fluff and put what the customer is looking for right in front of their eyes.

RVSP, Messaging, Sharing, Invites, etc

Your home page will show all the items you've registered for with a quick action link for your teams and classes. Click to RSVP for your next event, share to social networks or invite others to your class / team.

RSVP System

When you RSVP, you'll see other responses and comments.

Clicking on the "View Entire Season" allows one to RSVP for all events within that season.

Add Your Calendar

You can now add your calendar to any calendar system that support ical (most of them do).  Simply login and click Subscribe and your computer should prompt you to add your calendar to ical, outlook or whatever your default calendar software is set to on your operating system.  Click help to find special instructions on how to add your calendar to specific calendar services.

All your events and your children's events will show up on your calendar.  If you register for a new season the calendar will automatically add those events too.  

Simplified Messaging

See your team messages on one page. Simple and elegant.